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Ewen's Room is awarded

'Organisation of the Year' !

Lochaber Voscars 2016 


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We have set up Ewen's Room in memory of our son, Ewen Gillespie, who lost his battle with schizophrenia when he committed suicide, at the age of 29, on 6th January 2008. It was only after his death that Ewen was finally diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia although, for several months, we had suspected this was what was wrong. Typical of Ewen was that he tried to hide his symptoms from everyone, even when he was in hospital in Inverness. It was while he was home for the festive season that the anguish of this horrible illness made him take his own life.

For us, his family, life will never be the same. We cannot change what happened to Ewen but we do hope we can change attitudes, and do our wee bit to help other folk. Friends and colleagues remember Ewen very fondly, and we hope that the services we offer will be a fitting tribute to his outgoing, friendly and caring nature.

Just as our physical condition is important to our sense of wellbeing, so too is our mental health. However, from time to time, many of us will experience feelings of low mood or depression. We may be affected by loneliness, stress or even the suffering of a loved one or close friend. With one in four people in Scotland experiencing mental ill health at some time in their life, it is a common problem. Mental health is often not talked about, and many people struggle on without seeking any help.

Ewen's Room is a formally constituted Voluntary Community Association, which offers support to people resident in Ardnamurchan, Morvern and Moidart (including family, friends and carers of sufferers), who are experiencing difficulty as a result of mental health issues. We aim to raise awareness of the issues faced by patients and their loved ones, and to counter the associated stigmas within the community.

We currently run drop in sessions at The Sunart Centre in Strontian and hope to offer periodic events in other local villages in the future. Outreach activities are underway in Ardnamurchan High School, and further input is planned for this session. In the future we aim to liaise and co-operate with NHS and other mental health support services and groups, to identify gaps in service provision and improve local benefit.